L.A. TIMES, yay or nay?

When looking over the L.A. Times website I was very impressed with the layout and content provided. Immediately I was drawn in by the numerous pictures they had up on the site. And they were actually good shots. I was also impressed by the layout. It made the site very easy to navigate because of the links on top of the page. Furthermore, they had big links throughout the whole homepage to also help with navigation. It just makes it easier for all internet users whether you are 8 years old or 80.
The content they provide is also full of great substance. A lot of their material comes straight from the actual L.A. Times newspaper. They even have a link at the bottom of the homepage to take a look at the actual print edition (very nice). Although the material is from the print edition, a lot of the articles are downsized for the multimedia world. One big difference between a newspaper and online, you can update a story periodically online, whereas a newspaper, you have to wait the next day or maybe even a few days to get an update on a story. L.A. Times definitely updates their website and stories which keeps readers in the know. I think it also helps keep the paper fresh and credible when you see that they are always updating and adding new information to their website.

I really like the L.A. Times website and the way they run things. I do not have any criticism on how they could possibly make the site better than it is. Therefore, I give a yay to LATIMES.COM! And would recommend everyone to check out their site for good news reporting.

For those interested and/or bored, here are some stories on latimes.com that were under odd news.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. aisenberg10
    Oct 07, 2010 @ 19:21:51

    I am wondering if you have ever seen the actual LA Times paper edition of it? It sounds like it is very similar to its online edition. Like the Star Trib there appears to be a bit more to offer. Do you prefer to read it online or to actually hold the material? How did you decide to do this particular paper?


  2. Yoonki
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 02:34:15

    Well, Big news company like the LA Times will have better position compared to the smaller ones like the Mankato Free Press. Maybe it’s because the big ones have better financial status, or the keener competition with the other papers pushed them to get better at it. So they have fancy and well-designed websites and great contents. I studied Mankato Free Press, but the paper was not really impressive when it comes to providing the readers with multimedia contents and fully utilizing the merits of online journalism. Does Mankato Free Press have any competitor? The Reporter? I guess not.


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