Gap ditches new logo idea after severe backlash

After decades of being in business, Gap Inc. decided to change their logo. But after serious, online backlash, they pulled the plug this week on the new logo and went back to their traditional Gap logo. As a public relations practitioner I am glad they decided to stick with their original logo. A logo is a big part of branding a company and this one has been around for years and is well known around the world, why would they want to change it? I took a look at the new logo last week when they decided to change it and I did not like it. It looked like a logo for some computer company or something. It was just way to modern. Even the font type was changed from serif to sans serif. Maybe they should of at least kept the font type the same. Everyone is use to the dark blue background with white lettering, not this. Obviously, I was not the only one who disliked this new logo idea. Apparently tons of Gap fans did too. At least enough that Gap Inc. changed it back to the original after getting a lot of negative feedback about it.

What do you guys think? Stick to the traditional, classic logo? Or update the logo to be modernized?


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  1. Jordan Gilgenbach
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 19:38:24

    Traditional. Definitely. Many companies are known by their logos. I mean, look at Apple Computers, for example. Have you read Margo’s blog about the MySpace logo yet? You two are on the same lines with branding, coincidentally.


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