Poynter’s Video Storytelling for the Web

A few weeks ago I took an online course through Poynter News University, while taking this course I learned a few things that are helpful when using videos to tell a story online. I learned everything from how to select the best stories for the Web to the basics of editing video for the Web. Below I listed a few of the main points that I learned that could be helpful in your success of putting together video stories.

1) One of the keys to effective video for the Web is selecting the right story. “Even if your video story adds to a print or online story, don’t assume that viewers have read the story. Your video must be able to stand on its own.”
2) There are 4 key factors that are best for selecting stories.
-Visual Appeal: What interesting action is happening that you can’t tell any other way? Video is great because it can show motion.
-Emotion: Your viewers need to care about what or who they’re seeing, so you need to go beyond the facts.
-Character: “Good video features someone your viewers would care about or someone they would want to spend time with. It’s someone they would never encounter outside this story on the Web.”
-News Value: “News and facts have their place in video for the Web, especially with breaking news video. Consider the journalistic value of the story you’re telling.”
3) Before you go and shoot video make sure you have all the tools you need to do so. And extras just in case something does not work.
4) Make sure your comfortable using the camera and keep lighting and sound in mind.
5) As far as editing goes, make sure you have good audio, good video and a good overall storyline.

I found a lot of these tips helpful and I hope you do too! Poynter offers other classes like telling stories with sound, 5 steps to multimedia stories and more. Make sure to check them out!


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