Flip Video Critique

The first shot was a great wide shot of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week sign. It gave you a glimpse into what you are about to see. It also included a nice still shot of people walking to the event.

After that, there was just way too much panning for the next few sequences, It actually hurt my eyes that I had to look away a few times.

The shots following included a lot of zooming. They zoomed in on bottles of water and food which I did not think was necessary to include in this story.

Next, they had shots of people checking in at the front desk of the event. It was a great camera angle that included both the front desk workers and the guests. However, when they started panning to show the line the camera was very shaky.

Then they go backstage of the fashion show to get that part of the story. From the video you can tell that it was a very hectic and crazy scene. The first sequence of shots just showed people being interviewed while music was playing. It was a great overall view of what happens backstage.

After backstage, they show parts of the actual runway show. I did not like the angle they were filming from. People’s heads were in the way. It was very obvious that they had a back row seat. And because of that, they had bad shots of the models walking by. It would have been better if they were at the end of the runway filming and getting straight on shots. Again, the camera was very shaky during these shots.

Then they went backstage again and actually did there own interviews. The first designer they interviewed was Jeremy Scott. I could clearly hear the reporter but it was hard to hear Jeremy talk over all the background noise of the event. It would have been better if they had used an actual microphone. They also zoomed in way too close to Jeremy because there was hardly any space from the top of his head and below. I would have backed up a little bit.

During the next interview, that guy’s voice was also overpowered by the noise of the event. The lighting used for his interview was too dark that it shadowed his eyes. It made it impossible to see his eyes. I would have chosen a different angle to film him at in order to have better lighting. It was also poorly edited because it cut him off and went into the next interview.

The next interview had a little bit better lighting but only on the one side. Therefore, it made it harder to see the left side of his face.

Naeem Khan was interviewed next. There was not a lot of head room during his interview from the top and bottom. And I was distracted by the people in the background. If possible, I would have tried interviewing in a spot that did not have people walking by in the background. There was also an awkward moment when he cuts off the reporter when she is trying to ask him a question about someone he worked with. She laughs and responds kind of awkwardly. I would have edited that out.

The next interview had poor lighting and poor sound. The reporter interviews Paul Wilmot, the CEO of Paul Wilmot Communications. His face is way too dark because of the awful, dark lighting. The camera was also shaky at times during this interview, It was very hard to hear him, It sounded kind of muffled and it gets worse when the music starts from the event. Instead of paying attention to what he is saying I was distracted by the bad lighting and sound. It was really annoying. Also, it started out with a good medium shot of him but then they ended up zooming in which then made it uncomfortable because he was almost too close.

Overall, I think it was great coverage of fashion week by a flip camera. You can only do so much with that type of camera so I think they did a good job with what they had. Having watched fashion shows on TV before, I know they are crazy, busy events and reporters only have so much time with designers for interviews because they are super busy. This reporter did the best should could with the little time she had.


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